Practice Management and Anesthesia Billing Software Overview

ProSourceMD is specialized practice management software and anesthesia billing software optimized for anesthesia practices and multi-practice billing services.

ProSourceMD is developed and supported by Navaro Medical Solutions, Inc. (NMS), a firm with over 25 years’ experience serving the particular needs of anesthesia practices and multi-specialty medical billing services from Hawaii to the East Coast.

Recently renamed, ProSourceMD was designed and built from the ground up around the HIPAA regulations using state-of-the-art software technology. First released in 2007, this software is well-tested and robust, and it continues to evolve with industry and technological changes.

ProSourceMD is at the forefront of the industry for its technology, security, and innovative proprietary features. The software was the first practice management software in the healthcare industry to be certified by Microsoft for its all new .Net technology. John Parmigiani, one of the writers of the HIPAA regulations, praised the program for its early adoption of and strong compliance with HIPAA security features.

US patent was received in 2010 for technology created for its use.

While some customers may come for the technology, its loyal base of customers stay because of the way the software reduces effort and cost and maximizes income received, and because of the superb software support they receive. NMS is driven by quality and an environment where customer support is a priority and where any customer is welcome to speak to the owner if there is a special need or concern and where they know their needs will always be met.

We invite you to contact us if you would like more information or would like to schedule a personalized demo of ProSourceMD or find out more about our Practice Management Software and Anesthesia Billing Software.

In addition to providing and supporting practice management software and anesthesia billing software, ProSourceMD is an AQI Preferred Vendor and a QCDR-Ready Vendor.


ProSourceMD Mobile is now available!

ProSourceMD Mobile is an app used by medical providers to securely enter patient service data, anesthesia services, documents, voice notes and PQRS measure responses for import to the ProSourceMD Anesthesia Billing Software and ProSourceMD Practice Management Software. ProSourceMD Mobile is offered through the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.

Following are some of the many ways we meet our customers’ needs:

Make data easily accessible
24x7 medical billing

Meet industry requirements that vary by carrier, locality
Send paper and electronic claims

Automate everything that can be automated to increase efficiency and proficiency
Automated medical and anesthesia billing

Validate accurate data is entered and complete so claims get paid promptly the first time
HIPAA compliant practice management software

Ensure claims do not fall through the cracks
Bill insurances and guarantors easily

Keep the software up to date with advances in technology and industry requirements
.NET mecical billing software

Help providers meet their HIPAA privacy and security requirements
100% encrypted medical billing software

Provide fast support to end users when needed
Active user support in the USA

Special features for medical billing services
Multi-practice enabled with adjustable user permissions

Special features for anesthesia practices.

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ProSourceMD Practice Management and Anesthesia Billing Software

Practice Management and Anesthesia Billing Software
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